Ways to Stay Safe When Shopping This Holiday Season

The shopping season is coming and in case you’re a cutting edge purchaser will do in any event some of your holiday shopping on the internet. The issue is that probably the most hazardous places on the web aren’t spots offering items and administrations. So while that super uncommon arrangement on the most blazing new toy or contraption may appear to be difficult to oppose, you’ll be paying for it on numerous occasions in the event that you buy from a traded off site.

holiday shopping onlineOne of the most exceedingly awful things that can happen when you’re utilizing the Internet is for your budgetary data to be bargained, yet that is precisely what can happen when you utilize the Internet for buys. An outsider aggressor can access your money related data and wreak destruction on your ledger through vindictive or fake sites. www.norton.com/setup

In the event that you plan to do any web based shopping this year, it’s imperative to know how to distinguish a safe online site. The most ideal approach to shield yourself from cybercriminals is to be instructed about web based shopping dangers, and the recourses accessible to you. www.norton.com/setup

What are fake and malicious websites?

A malicious website is a site that attempts to install malware onto your device for the purpose of stealing personal and financial information.

Fake websites are websites designed to look like legitimate websites, and can be disguised in a myriad of ways- popular online retailers, online banking portals, “mom and pop” e-commerce websites and more. However, these websites are just a scam looking to grab your financial and personal information leaving you with a drained bank account in return.

Ways to Stay Safe When Shopping This Holiday Season – www.norton.com/setup

Cybersecurity is a two-pronged approach. While an Internet security suite can catch many of the digital threats out there, it’s also up to you to educate yourself about the other threats that are harder for Internet security suites can’t catch.


  • Only use websites with HTTPS, the most secure way of conducting commerce on the Internet. Learn about how to determine a secure connection between a personal device and company website by understanding what SSL certificates are and how to recognize them.
  • If a website seems off, looks like it’s installing something or is asking permission to install codecs, you’re better off closing the tab and looking for the content elsewhere.

Software Resources:

  • Use a VPN when you browse. This encrypts your traffic so even if someone manages to eavesdrop, they’ll just have a bunch of encrypted data. VPNs, or virtual private networks, like Norton WiFi Privacy can turn Wi-Fi into secured private connections.
  • Always update your applications, most importantly your operating system and your security suite. Hackers use known security exploits, so when you update you’re closing the easiest door into your network.
  • Use a secure search engine such as Norton Safe Search. Norton Safe Search actively searches the web for the latest and most malicious security threats and leverages our online community to find compromised websites. Best of all, it’s free to use!
  • The gold standard is a full-service Internet security suite. Simple anti-virus programs aren’t enough anymore. A full-service security suite will keep you safe from emerging threats.

While nothing can keep you completely safe, Norton Safe Search, coupled with Norton’s full-service Internet security suite, goes a long way toward keeping you from being an easy target.

Online shopping doesn’t have to be risky. With just a few simple precautions you can keep your family finances safe.


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